CyberGhost VPN Pre-Cracked


Name: CyberGhost VPN PRE-CRACKED by mxer259

Cracking status: 100%

Release date: 05/11/2012 !HOT!

Compatibility: Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8 |||WASN’T TESTED ON MACs

Description: It allows you to use premium CyberGhost VPN servers without buying it.





1. Normally install CyberGhost VPN.

2. Extract my archive, then copy its contents to your CyberGhost VPN folder and overwrite files.

3. You’re good to go.



  1. Tim Schmitt

    Man, this is what i was looking for, worked for me. Big thanks to you for this.

  2. nomi

    This content failed to load. error
    i cant download link or password either, plz help me!

  3. mxer259

    I know this issue. You have to right click on the DOWNLOAD banner and select “Open in new tab”. Sorry for this error, I’m gonna fix this as soon as it’s possible.

  4. nomi

    thnx for the reply, i have solved that issue also downloaded the files/crack, but still it doesn’t work for me…. i have paste all the files here… C:\Program Files\CyberGhost VPN plz guide me how this would work???

  5. nomi

    may be this is because i have already login the CyberGhostVPN before copy/paste the crack files, do i need to reinstall it on my PC and then paste the crack files before login my account??, maybe it would work then!

  6. mxer259

    Yes, this sould work then. If it still won’t please tell me what OS are you using, I will do something about it.

  7. nomi

    i’m using windows xp, but now it works. thanks mate :D 5*

  8. dany

    pisze ze juz tego nie ma , prawda to czy bug, bo probuje i nic ?? help pls

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